A-Plokk for strip foundation

A-Plokk is specially designed to ease building of small residential houses’ insulated strip pad footings. Since A-Plokk blocks have to bear the whole house load, they are produced as monolite blocks from the strongest EPS material (EPS 200).

A-plokk koos TermoPlokk plokiga

Installation guide:
1. Remove topsoil under the foundation
2. Fill and tighten the area under the foundation up to the required level
3. Put in place the lower reinforcements of pad footing
4. Install A-Plokk
5. Put the upper reinforcements on the A-Plokk
6. Support both sides of the A-Plokk with a filling material
7. Fill the foundation with concrete

The advantages of A-Plokk blocks:
1. You can build the foundation without building/removing scaffolding
2. You can carry out concrete works also with freezing temperatures
3. The foundation is instantly insulated and without thermal bridges
4. Easy and convenient installation and working process!
You save a lot of working time, even if you build first time!

A-Plokk 320 (TermoPlokk Silver 320)

A-plokk 320


A-Plokk 420 (TermoPlokk Silver 420)

A-plokk 420