Energy saving house

The purpose of energy saving houses is to minimize the amount of external energy sources. Solar energy, human created thermal energy and heat generated by home appliances are in most cases sufficient to keep a house warm. Extra energy is necessary only during extremely cold winter months.

Depending on the primary energy demand, the following types of houses can be categorized as energy saving houses – net zero-energy houses, nearly zero-energy houses, low-energy houses ja passive houses.

All of them are characterized by the following features:

  • Compact form and good insulation.
  • Southward position and usage of parasols: placement and quality of windows must enable exploitation of solar energy.
  • Energy saving windows with glasses and frames
  • Air permeability of the building envelope
  • Efficient heat recovery from outbound air through using air heat exchanger.
  • Warm water production by using sustainable energy sources: solar panels or heat pumps give the needed energy.
  • Energy saving home appliances