Nearly zero-energy houses

The purpose of energy saving houses is to minimize the amount of external energy sources. Nearly zero-energy houses are buildings, which are constructed technically reasonably, with the best energy efficient and sustainable energy technology solutions and according to the best construction practice, and which the energy efficiency value is larger than 0 kWh/(m2 a), but not more than any of the following thresholds:

  1. in small residential houses 50 kWh/(m2 a);
  2. in apartment buildings 100 kWh/(m2 a);
  3. in office buildings, libraries and research buildings 100 kWh/(m2 a);
  4. in business buildings 130 kWh/(m2 a);
  5. in public buildings 120 kWh/(m2 a);
  6. in commercial buildins and terminals 130 kWh/(m2 a);
  7. in educational buildings 90 kWh/(m2 a);
  8. in preschool buildings 100 kWh/(m2 a);
  9. in healthcare buildings 270 kWh/(m2 a).