L-Plokk for plate foundation

L-Plokk blocks are specially designed to ease building of small residential houses’ insulated plate foundations. Since L-Plokk have to bear the whole house load, it is produced as monolite block from the strongest EPS material (EPS 200).

Besides the standard sizes (see the drawings), it is also possible to produce special sizes.

1. Remove topsoil under the foundation
2. Install utility networks under the foundation
3. Fill and tighten the surface under the foundation up to the required level
4. Install the L-Plokk blocks according to the foundation’s size
5. Support the L-Plokk blocks external sides with filling material
6. Install insulation under the floor, advisably as multy-layer
7. Install the reinforcement, required pipings and cables
8. Fill the foundation with concrete, starting from the lower parts

L-Plokk (V)

L-Plokk (V)

L-Plokk (U)

L-plokk (U)